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We offer the following packges:


  • Up to 50 pictures
  • Intro Title Slide
  • One image per slide
  • Fade In/Out transition for slides
  • 1 song
  • Scanning Photos is extra
  • One NTSC DVD. Regular or Widescreen.



  • Up to 50 pictures
  • Intro & Closing Title Slide
  • One image per slide
  • Many of the slides will use a "Zoom & Pan" technique like you see in documentaries
  • Variety of transitions between slides
  • Add captions to a few specific images
  • Add a couple additional Title Slides
  • Special background graphics available
  • Up to 2 songs
  • Scanning Photos is extra
  • One NTSC DVD. Regular or Widescreen.


Additional Items

  • $1 per picture over package limit
  • $0.75 per scanned photo
  • $5.00 per additional song
  • $15.00 per Video up to 5 min.
  • Special Customizations, $60/hr
  • Additional DVDs. $10 with order; $20 after
  • Rush Orders: $50 extra for Basic/Standard

  • Shipping (insured): $30 via UPS 2-Day

Here are some details on how we operate to create your show.

You can get our Order Form though since we can't do your show without it! Print the Order Form and fill in the details of your show. The Form will be put in the package you send us with your photos and music or it can be faxed to us if your order is going to be entirely online.

Click here to open the order form

Turnaround Time
Typical turnaround time is 7-10 days from receipt of all materials. Rush Orders based on current workload and carry additional fee. Call us to insure we can fulfill your order timely.

If you are using commercial music, you must supply us the ORIGINAL CD the music resides on. We will not accept homemade copies of CD's you own. We also will not accept MP3's of music you have downloaded.

We will provide a variety of music and sound effects at no charge from our library if you would like. Indicate the type of music on our order form and we'll pick an appropriate match. Of course you'll be able to preview it before the final DVD is cut. We'll discuss the details after you order.

What you need to do to Prepare the Materials
If you want your photos in a specific order, we need for you to help us understand that order.
  • For your digital images, renaming them to a number is most helpful. E.g., 001.jpg, 002.jpg, 010.jpg, etc. using 3 digits helps IMMENSLY because the images will sort properly when we put together your show.
  • For your printed images, sort them in the order they will show, just like when you got them back from processing. First one to show face up, followed by the rest, all face up.
  • If printed images will have a Caption on them in the show or Title before them, put a small post-it on the back of the photo so we can identify it. In lieu of a post-it, some other CLEARLY identifiable method to help us.

Call us:  858.336.9787

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