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There are plenty of different reasons why you might want a slideshow that don't fit one of our other categories. Let's take a look at some.

Click on the Show name to load the show.

Basic (no sample yet)
  • Title Screen
  • The images show one at a time.
  • A Fade In/Out transition is used between images.

Nothing fancy but very effective for this type of show.
Standard (Sample 1)
Standard (Sample 2)
  • Title Screen
  • The images show one at a time.
  • Many of the images will use a "Zoom & Pan" technique like you see in documentaries.
  • A variety of transitions can be used between images.
  • Add captions to a few images
  • Add additional Title Screens
  • We'll add special graphics. The Sample Show uses an opening graphic as an example.

Creates a very attractive show.

Note: The sample shows are highly compressed and therefore the image quality will not be perfect. The actual show we create for you will be as sharp as the images you provide.

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