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As we mentioned in our overview, there are so many things we can do with a show to give it some additional flare. In this area we'll highlight some shows that use a variety of custom features.

Click on a link below to load the show.

Fair Fun
A 35 second trip to the County Fair
  • Shaken (not stirred). Maybe an earthquake?
  • Unorthodox stretching of an image

A 37 second romp at the San Diego Embarcadero
  • Extremely quick image zoom/unzoom
  • Image rotation
  • Image squeezing
  • Image slinky

Indian Faces
A 2 1/2 minute look at American Indians in full regalia
  • Custom image borders
  • Image cutouts
  • Multiple images on a slide
  • Image reversal

Mountain Men
A 4 minute look at a Mountain Man gathering
  • Custom image borders
  • Custom sound track
  • Sound effects
  • Color changes

Note: The sample shows are highly compressed and therefore the image quality will not be perfect. The actual show we create for you will be as sharp as the images you provide.

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